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Monitored Dosage System (MDS)

Venalink MDS is a reconditioned blister packaging, where the pharmacist organises the pills and/or capsules that a given patient takes, in order to indicate the day and time in which they should be administered, according to the prescribed dosage regimen, while providing the information necessary to do so correctly.

spd para farmacias

The best way to reach out to your patients

Preparing your patients’ medication individually is the best way to validate your important role as a pharmacist in society.

spd para farmacias

Strengthens patient confidence

It facilitates their work in the multidisciplinary environment of the health team and strengthens patient confidence in pharmacy.

spd para farmacias

Improves therapeutic adherence

The Venalink MDS allows appropriately selected patients to improve their adherence to treatments.


The patient will not have
to think about their medication

spd para farmacias

prepared by a pharmacist

The pharmacist prepares their treatment each week in a correct and customised manner, while also allowing them to check their medication and identify drug-related problems.

spd para farmacias

treatments with no excess stock

Missed or incorrectly taken doses are reduced, as is the number of medications stored at home. Thus, the risk of medication errors during administration decreases.

spd para farmacias

and safety warranty

Venalink Monitored Dosage Systems ensure effective and safe administration of the drug regimen. By making it easier to identify the right medication at the right time, they reduce stress on the patient or caregiver.


The Venalink Monitored Dosage System (MDS) basically consists of two elements: a cardboard and aluminium part, which we call a card, and a multi-compartment plastic sheet, which we call a blister pack.

spd para farmacias

Blister pack

Available in 4 sizes: Small, medium, large and extra-large, depending on their depth. Any blister pack size fits the cards. We also have ‘topaz’ blister packs for photosensitive drugs.

spd para farmacias


The card’s top-quality cardboard is made from 100% renewable resources. Aluminium provides a higher protection barrier against humidity, thus decreasing the risk of instability of drugs that are sensitive to this environmental factor.


Standard MDS

Practical and handy design.

· Compatible with semi-automation.
· Available in clear and amber blister packs (to decrease the risk of photo-instability).
· Available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German and Catalan. Boxes containing 100, 250 and 500 units.

Landscape MDS

Visually separated doses. Higher cavity capacity than that of standard formats. Ideal for patients who prefer this dosage guidance.

· Available in Spanish. Boxes containing 100 and 250 units.

Monthly MDS

Same format as the standard one, but for monthly preparations. Each MDS represents one daily dose. 4 variants: breakfast, lunch, dinner and free choice.

· Available in Spanish and English. Boxes containing 500 units.

Qube MDS

Visual and comfortable design. Large cavity capacity, which can easily accommodate multiple drugs. Large inner space to provide information. Ideal for patients with many drugs to recondition.

· Compatible with automation and semi-automation.
· Available in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, French, German and Catalan. Boxes containing 100 and 250 units.

Mini-Qube MDS

Similar to Qube, but smaller.

· Available in Spanish. Boxes containing 100 and 250 units.

5 Dose MDS

Ideal for patients with 5 daily doses or to check medication dosage, ‘if needed’. Large inner space to provide information.

· Available in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Boxes containing 100 and 250 units.

FlexRX Light MDS

The safe and discreet way to take your medication. Ideal for polymedicated and active patients. All of its cavities are die-cut, hence allowing for easy separation by dose or day.

· Requires software use.
· Compatible with automation and semi-automation.
· Available in Spanish. Boxes containing 100, 250 and 500 units.

Download here the full catalogue with all the information on Venalink MDS formats

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